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Featuring a simple lacing design so that you can add, or subtract, your own pages. Covered in high quality cotton fabric. These books come with 50 leaves of high quality blank cartridge paper, perfect for notes and illustrations should you choose. The simple 3 hole lacing design allows you to remove pages to use as markers ensuring your holes are in the right place when you wish to add more pages later. Books come in a standard A5 size so you will be able to find paper to fit easily. These books are perfect for your own Book of Shadows. Each one hand made, as such the laces may vary from the images.

Hand Bound Fabric Notebook

Please be aware that we are a small business based in Australia. While we are happy to supply international orders, our shipping charges are domestic. Please contact us to request international shipping. Thank you.

Our fabric bound note books are hand made in a variety of colours.