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Doofah dolls are household guardians and helpers, they are not effigies or poppets. The name Doofah derives from their intended purpose. The Doofah is a charm doll to do tasks for you, such as guard your home, car, etc.

Treat your Doofah with great kindness and she will repay you with great loyalty. It is imortant to make you Doofah your own by adding jewellery, trimming her hair or leaving her gifts. Once a bond is established you can ask her to perform tasks for you like guarding your property.

 Doofah’s are selected at random for mail order.


Our famous Doofah Dolls

Please be aware that we are a small business based in Australia. While we are happy to supply international orders, our shipping charges are domestic. Please contact us to request international shipping. Thank you.

Our Doofah dolls are hand made. Each one is as individual as their owner.