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We offer you a warm and hearty welcome to The Alder Grove website. This is where we share our knowledge about the practice of Traditional Witchcraft with anyone who wishes to know more. This website is free and the information on here is available to all.

Here you will find some of the informative pages from our Book of Shadows. Our online shop, where you can buy an ever increasing range of esoteric products, many of which are hand made by our coveners ensuring profits go to local crafts people. Information on the services we offer, including coven services, workshops and events, the latest lunar information for the area and the essential diary of up coming dates. We also offer tarot readings from the shop at 9921 New England Highway, Glen Innes, NSW. As well as some markets and festivals.

If you would like any more information you can contact us by email, telephone or various methods of social media. You can find details and links here.

We hope you enjoy browsing this site.

Thank you.

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